The Center's Mission and Values

Our mission is to partner with customers to develop effective strategies, business processes and work and reward systems. We accomplish this mission by using a proprietary portfolio of methodologies, tools and programs which enable our customers to achieve dramatic business improvements.

Our Values
We hold the following values to be central to our professional lives and critical to our success:

Our conclusions are fact-based, and we will be honest brokers with our customers, ourselves and our profession.

We share our ideas and research in order to help expand the knowledge base.

We are driven to excel and enjoy tremendous satisfaction from our customers' successes.

We are curious people. Through our customers, we learn new things, adding to our collective intellectual repertoire.

We challenge ourselves daily to find ways to improve our performance. Continuous learning keeps us at the leading edge of each intellectual wave.

Intellectual Capital
In the final analysis, our bottom line asset is the value of our expertise. It is why we are in business.

The Center's Experience

Our experience represents both achievement and learning. We strive to meet our clients' expectations, often with breakthrough results and significant improvements in performance. We have also learned significantly from our experience, which has allowed the Center to grow and evolve with our clients. Following is a brief summary of achievements in our three practice areas:

Organizational Technology Practice

Effectively integrating technology and organization as a major source of competitive advantage to:

  • Transform the organization by unleashing the capability of people.
  • Achieve greater connectivity among people and organizations.
  • Dramatically improve utilization of technology.

Workforce Effectiveness Practice

Achievement of dramatic business improvements through an integrated workforce strategy, including workforce visioning, showings, and also work design, skills and competencies, and rewards.

Compensation Consulting Practice

Strategy, design and implementation of rewards and recognition programs that will attract, retain and motivate your employees to buy propecia to deliver superior results and have no hair loss at work.